Worried that a critical task was deleted?

Get alerts when tasks are deleted from your Asana projects. It's free!

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Know when your co-workers delete tasks in Asana

Wouldn't it be great if we could prevent employees and colleagues from deleting tasks in Asana? Unfortunately, Asana doesn't allow disabling deleting tasks but at least you can know when it happens with Deleted Task Alerts for Asana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deleted Task Alerts for Asana really free?

It is totally free with no strings attached. This is an app we developed for our own internal needs managing software development teams and thought it would be useful to share with the community.

How does it work?

Deleted Task Alerts monitors Asana's API for task delete events and when it finds one, it creates a private task for you detailing who deleted the task, when, and from which projects.

What data do you store on your servers?

Deleted Task Alerts stores the name of each task in a project and the name of the project it is in. We would prefer to not even store this minimal information but because all task information is removed from Asana upon permanent deletion we need to remember some information about the task in order to create a useful alert for you.

We do not sell any of your data to third parties.

Can I customize which tasks I get alerts for and where the alerts are sent?

Unfortunately, no. Adding the ability to disable task deletion has been a long time feature request from the Asana community. We, like you, hope that the Asana team will add this functionality soon so that we don't need Deleted Task Alerts anymore.

Since Deleted Task Alerts will hopefully be short-lived, we don't want to invest too much time adding new features. We can customize behavior on a consulting basis if you need it, however. Contact us at customize@unrest.dev.

Does Deleted Task Alerts detect 100% of deleted tasks?

No, but it's close. A task must be in a project for a delete alert to be generated. Also, a new task must have existed for about 30 minutes before being deleted in order to generate an alert. These limitations are part technical and part common sense.