Privacy Policy

We limit the collection of data

Our applications collect the minimum amount of data necessary to perform their functions. For Deleted Task Alerts for Asana, this data is limited to the name and email address of the installing user, the name of each task the insalling user has access to, and the name of each project that those tasks are in.

We do not and will not sell your data to any third parties

Your data is used only in our applications.

You may delete your data

If you've uninstalled one of our applications and wish to have you data deleted from our servers, simply contact with your request.

Communications from us

In order to make installation as easy as possible, we do not require you to set up an account with us before using our apps. Instead, we communicate announcements, alerts, and notices to you either by email or through Asana tasks that we generate and assign to you.

Secure data transfer

All data transmitted from Asana to our servers is done securely over SSL.